curious hands. space + sound in learning making

An International Conference at Minerva Art Academy. Organized by the Curious Hands Research Project
(Department of Art History, University of Groningen and Research Center Art & Society, Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen), Mar 21-22, 2024.


Click here for abstracts and bios of the lectures and workshops. Continue reading for more information, including the conference programme. Participation is free of charge, slots are limited to 80.

The global pandemic and its aftermath have made it once again clear that ‘making with our hands’ is beneficial in numerous ways; it contributes to our physical and mental health, stimulates our creativity and intellect, creates social interaction and cohesion, fosters ecological awareness and sustainable thinking. Yet practical aspects of making, especially in educational settings, remain underexplored and the question how making is learned and taught is in need of further investigation in order to help making move to the core of education. Building on a theoretical framework that combines ‘educational communities of practice’ with the notion that ‘making is thinking’ and foregrounds the affordances of materials, objects, tools, people, and processes, the conference concentrates on space + sound.

  • space: How do actual physical spaces and their architectures and lay-outs, i.e., the learning environment where materials, tools and makers interact, afford / hinder / improve processes of learning making? How does the arrangement of the immediate workspace, and the machines, tools, materials within afford / hinder / improve / structure the processes of learning making?
  • sound: How do sounds that accompany or are being produced in the process of making relate to the learning making process? Which language (technical terminology, metaphors) is used for instructions or tasks? Do sounds (spoken word, singing, humming, utterings; noises made by machines, tools and materials; music or silence) afford / hinder / improve / structure processes of learning making? How are onomatopoeia and other material or haptic languages used to translate specific sounds that materials and machines make into languages of instruction?

These aspects are explored for educational contexts in which making is learned and taught, including workshops at art academies and vocational schools, maker spaces in high schools and universities, as well as conservation and restoration workshops.

Conception and organization: research group ( Hands. moving making to the core of education Imka Buurke, Vanessa Bakhuizen-van ‘t Hoogt, Ann-Sophie-Lehmann, Evert Bisschop-Boele (Minerva Art Academy Groningen/ University of Groningen)

Conference Programme

Thursday, March 21 - SPACE

Time Speaker & title Moderator Location
9.30-10.00 Entrance Groene Zaal
Praediniussingel 59
10.00-1030 Ann-Sophie Lehmann Welcome & Introduction Ann-Sophie Lehmann
10.30-11.00 Imka Buurke Teaching Materials for Curious Hands
11.00-11.30 Jakob Schillinger Beyond and Between: The Spaces of Art-Making
11.30-12.00 Q&A
12.00-13.30 Lunch Break
13.30-14.00 Grace Kim-Butler Making Space for Shared Curiosity. Many Hands in Utrecht University’s ArtLab Veronica Peselmann Groene Zaal
14.00-14.30 Marieke Hendriksen & Vera Eising Making and Tasting Warmoes: Reflections on the Spatiotemporal Aspects of Historical Recipes
14.30-15.00 Q&A
15.15-16.45 Workshop 1
Marieke Hendriksen, Vera Eising & Vanessa Bakhuizen-van ‘t Hoogt How to Make Warmoes
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 158
15.15-16.45 Workshop 2
Ren Ewart Make Do: Textile Repair and Processes of Maintenance
A2.16 GZ 158
15.15-16.45 Workshop 3
Joris Witvliet Creating with Metal: a Very Brief Introduction
Metal Workshop GZ 158
15.15-16.45 Workshop 4
Kristel Hunnersen & Veronica Peselmann Touching Paper – Handling Books
Workshop Letter Press & Bookbinding GZ 158
15.15-16.45 Guided Tour Workshops with Josien Niebuur Workshops GZ 158
16.45-17.45 Drinks & Opening Exhibition Knowing Me, Knowing You MR.1 Praediniussingel 59
19.00 Conference Dinner For Speakers & Team

Friday, March 22 - SOUND

Time Speaker & title Moderator Location
9.15-9.30 Evert Bisschop Boele Introduction Groene Zaal
Praediniussingel 59
9.30-10.00 Camilla Groth Embodied Making and Learning: With a Focus on Sensory Experiences Sara Strandvad Groene Zaal
10.00-10.30 Anna Harris Listen-Touch: Sensing and Materials in Medical Learning Groene Zaal
10.30-11.00 Q&A Groene Zaal
11.00-12.00 Exhibition Tour Knowing Me, Knowing You Koepelzaal & MR.01
12.00-13.00 Lunch Break
13.15-13.45 Vanessa Bakhuizen-van ‘t Hoogt Materiality of Sound in the Process of Teaching and Learning Making Catelijne van Middelkoop Groene Zaal
13.45-14.30 Chris Tonelli Response 
Groene Zaal
14.45-16.15 Workshops 5
Camilla Groth Sensory Experiences in Learning Activities
Gedempte Zuiderdiep 158
14.45-16.15 Workshops 6
Laura Hovenkamp, Simone Sorber & Talitha Huges Shaping Maker Spaces for Children
A2.02 GZ 158
14.45-16.15 Workshops 7
Michiel Teeuw Curious Sans
Relief & Intaglio Printmaking Workshop GZ 158
14.45-16.15 Workshops 8
Marcel van Kan Screaming Tin
Blockhouse Reitemakersrijge 13
16.30-17.15 Table Discussions & Plenary Reflections with Drinks Groene Zaal PS 59
17.15-17.30 Jackie Galama and Santiago Giesler Garcia
Artists’ Reflections on Spaces and Sounds of Making